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Herd Share Program

Oregon law dictates that, if raw milk is to be sold to the public, it must be directly from the farm where the milk is produced. This statute has made raw dairy goods burdensome for consumers to find and buy.
In order to break down the barriers between consumers and their source of raw dairy, our company offers a Herd Share program, an ownership model similar to a co-op that allows us to make the process of getting this wholesome, nutritious food into your home a little bit easier.

When you buy into a herd share, you are really buying temporary, renewable ownership of a portion of our herd of 100% grass fed dairy cows. The milk or cream you receive each time you order is simply a dividend of your share in our herd.

In the case of processed goods, such as yogurt, butter and cheeses, you are paying an additional fee for us to process your milk. These fees are wrapped up in the listed price of our products, however, so you just pay what you see in our catalog.

Our Policies

The major concern with non-pasteurized dairy is always the cleanliness of the milk itself. Our team has years of experience working with milk cows and in the food service industries.

Simply put: we know how to produce and maintain clean, nutritional dairy.

Step one in producing healthy, pathogen-free milk is testing. We perform monthly testing of coliform count and standard plate count. These tests allow us ensure that all of our products, animals and facilities remain free of disease and contaminants.

Step two is sanitation of equipment and facilities. Currently we are milking in an enclosed, 4-stall herringbone milking parlor. All metal that comes in contact with milk is stainless steel and all rubber/plastic is phthalate, BPA and BPS free. The cows have their udders hand washed with a solution of Iodine and warm water and dried before each milking. After milking, each teat is coated in iodine at a 5% concentration and the milking area is washed down.

The milk can is then moved into our creamery facilities, where all milk is immediately bottled and chilled to 36F degrees. The whole process from cow to cooler takes approximately 30 seconds and the milk is maintained at 36F at all times during storage on the farm, transport to drop-sites and storage at the drop-site itself.

Bottle Return Info:

Please remember to place a small note with your name inside your empty bottles and drop them off when picking up your next order to receive your deposit refund.

Member Responsibilities

Pasteurization can more than double the shelf life of dairy products by killing off the natural enzymatic and bacterial processes of living milk. Raw milk, on the other hand, is a living food, which undergoes a number of changes beginning from the moment it leaves the cow.

Because of this, those that are only familiar with store bought, commercial dairy products will want to take a look at our Cold Chain page, which goes over the basics of storing raw dairy and how to get the most out of your From the Field Farm order.

Bottle returns are the life-blood of a micro-dairy operation. Yep, bottle returns are so important that we mentioned them twice. Without them, our operation would grind to a halt pretty quickly. We rely on our members to return all of their bottles, cleaned and intact to their delivery location each week.

While it may not seem important whether you forget your empty bottle or not because "you only have one," just remember that with over 100 members, that can add up quickly. Do your part to keep our operation running smoothly and sustainably by returning your bottles each and every week.

We are a small, artisan operation and try to use our resources as intelligently as possible. This means that every drop of milk that doesn't find its way out the door will be used for other purposes.

In order to manage our milk supply, we ask that you place all online orders for the week by Sunday at 5PM.*

Missed a deadline? Give us a call at (541) 405-5748 to see if the products you want are available.

*Please allow at least 72hrs for all yogurt orders.

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