Weekly Deliveries


Southeast Portland

Dick's Primal Burger, SE Portland

Know Thy Food Coop.
3434 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Delivery Time:
Tuesdays | 3:00pm

Order Deadline:
Monday | 5:00pm

Oregon City

From the Field Farm, Oregon City

From the Field Farm
15401S S Kirk Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Pick-Up Time:
Mon-Sat | All Day

Boring Oregon

Barbur World Foods, SW Portland

Boring Oregon
10400 SE 282nd Ave. Boring, OR 97381

Delivery Time:
Friday| 3:00pm

Order Deadline:
Thursday | 5:00pm

Silverton Oregon

Silverton, Oregon

3743 Hibbard Rd. NE Silverton, OR 97381

Delivery Time:
Monday| 3:00pm
Thursday| 3:00pm

Order Deadline:
Sunday | 5:00pm

Wednesday | 5:00pm


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