The Richness of Raw Dairy in the Willamette Valley Oregon

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Discover the exceptional taste and quality of our 100% grass-fed dairy products. As lifelong dairy farmers we are dedicated to providing the finest raw dairy to our valued members in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

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Our Farming Practices

At From the Field Farm, we are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. Our cows and their calves graze on 100% grass-fed pastures together, yes you read that right our babies spend the first months of life roaming free with mom in their lush pastures ensuring the highest quality raw dairy for our members. We prioritize the well-being of our animals and the health of our land.

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Become a member of From the Field Farm and enjoy the benefits of our premium raw dairy products. Our farm-fresh offerings are sure to delight your taste buds. Join us in supporting local agriculture and savor the true flavors of the Willamette Valley.

About From the Field Farm

After spending several decades in the conventional commercial dairy industry we realized we were producing a product we were no longer proud of or excited by. So we setout on a long journey that led us to producing commercial organic milk for two of the nations largest organic milk companies. After five years of doing that we were still not happy with the product being sold to the consumer. It was at that time February 2013 we decided to take the ultimate plunge and provide the very best product directly to member/owners and to do it in a way we have dreamed of for years. Well here we are 100% grass fed with calves living and playing together with moms milking once a day supplementing no high energy grains or products to dilute the nutrient rich milk our gals produce every day. We are truly doing it the way i was taught you could not do it my entire life. This is all made possible by our amazing farm member/customers and our teammembers at the farm.

Nourishing the Valley with the Finest Raw Dairy

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