Following are 8 things that distinguish us from common dairy practices.

1. Experience- My wife Michele and I have been in the dairy business our entire adult lives and I have been on a dairy farm my entire life, and all products are processed by my wife and all milking is done by myself we dont rely on anyone to assist in these crucial areas of raw milk production.

2. Cattle genetics- We have been breeding cattle that can withstand a natural no grain grassfed environment that are DNA type A/2 A/2 and kappa casein bb for better flavor and increased digestibility. We breed Normande, Jersey and Ayrshire currently but have some Guernsey and Fresian also. We are breeding more Normande now than anything due to the casein micelle being a smaller diameter and improving digestibility and having a favorable calcium/phosphate ratio. That means tastes better and digests easier.

3. Housing- Our cows have access to pastures 365 days per year as well as a covered loafing barn to escape any weather they don't like.

4. Diet- Our cows have over 80 acres of lush irrigated pasture to graze 9 months per year as well as green growing fodder produced indoors in a large commercial grow room in the winter. They also receive some grass hay in the winter to supplement fodder and pasture. They are never fed gmo's or grain of any sort. When we say grassfed we mean green growing grass 365 days per year.

5. Husbandry calves- Our calves are left on their moms for at least six months to run play and nurse the way they were intended. I have found that cows are much happier and have more life force, prana or whatever you would call it when they are left alone to raise their babies.

6. Schedule- Due to our decision to be as natural as possible and not supplement grains and leave babies on mamas we only milk once per day. We do not encourage high production as that just dilutes the wonderful elements of our natural grassfed milk.

7. Facility- Our facility is a former Grade A facility with a former licensed processing plant. Our milk is instantly chilled in a ice chiller and then stored in a refrigerated stainless steel tank until bottling. Our cleaning system is a fully automated computer controlled system that leaves no room for error. Our bottle washer is a large commercial bottle washer. Our waste management system is registered with the state so they can provide oversight and guarantee proper dispersal of nutrients back where they are needed.

8. Dairy Goals- Our goal is to produce superior quality raw dairy products for our herdshare owners by giving our cows the best and most natural life possible. Although we must be profitable to remain in business we believe by focusing on quality and proper and natural animal husbandry we will excel and be recognized as the best available.